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“The new blades are crafted from Japanese Damascus steel, a material usually reserved for knives crafted by the best of the best in the knife industry… Damascus steel is the stuff of legends.”

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“This high-end cookware is non-stick, dishwasher-safe, and perfect for pretty much everything.”

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“If kitchen gear were superheroes, the HexClad Hybrid Stainless Steel Wok would be Superman. This Wok of Steel (stainless steel, that is) is super fast, super strong, and will be around to save the day for years to come with its lifetime warranty.”

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“Gordon Ramsay personally uses HexClad at home. And Oprah has its stainless steel pan as one of her favorite things. And we—Esquire—consider it as one of the best cookware brands ever.”

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“Eagle-eyed fans have spotted these pans in Gordon Ramsay's home-cooking videos. There's a reason: They have the durability and searing and sautéing power of stainless steel combined with a shockingly scratch-resistant, nonstick surface.”


Rated The Overall Best Pan For Oil-Free Cooking

“The cooking surface of this 10-inch HexClad pan is made of PFOA-free ceramic with a laser-etched stainless steel pattern that prevents sticking and helps food release easily. Due to the raised stainless steel material, metal utensils can be used without fear of scratching or damage, and the highly durable pan is dishwasher-safe.”


The 7-piece set is a hybrid of stainless steel and non-stick, bringing the best of both worlds to every meal. It's dishwasher safe, oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and works on all cooktops — basically, there's nothing it can't do!